Sunday, December 7, 2014

Winter Seedlings - Food for People and Bunnies

On December 2nd, I planted seeds in 2 x 72 seed flats and 3 reused 6 packs.  The seed packets said that the seeds would take between 7 - 30 days to emerge.

I didn't check on them the first few days and was surprised to see that their were 1.5" high seedlings 4 days later.   

The trays were on top of the bunny condo and the seedlings were bending over toward the window.  I rotated them right before taking the photos. The early risers are: Radishes and broccoli rabe that are now 5 days old and 2" high, followed by 1" high ice lettuce, lacinato kale and endive.  Romaine and a mystery green that I seed saved but didn't label are just emerging.  Many of the seeds were a few years past their expiration dates so I'm really happy that so many have sprouted already! 

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  1. Do not know if the comment came through I am excited to see the "rooftop" garden of the bunny condo - a place of growth :) may I please be placed on the list for some lacinato kale ?